Tuesday, May 20, 2008

Summer Sunset Socks

Yipee, I have a new pattern. It's not the one for the hat and scarf set that I promised almost two weeks ago, but it's a pattern none the less.

Orignally I was going to call these socks, "Inspired", cause I had picked up the yarn and needles at my Mom's place, just to try doing some swatching with it, and quickly discovered that my hands were much more interested in knitting socks then just plain old swatching. However as the socks grew, the colorway I made them in began to remind me of a perfect summer sunset.

Summer Sunset Socks

2 skiens of Panda Cotton, color Red Cinnamon
US 2 set of 5 dpns (2.75mm)
Yarn needle for grafting toe together, and weaving in ends

28sts = 4 inches
44 rows = 4 inches

Cast on 64 sts. Evenly divide among 4 needles (16sts on each).

Rnd 1: *K2, P2* repeat around

Repeat Rnd 1 for 1 inch or desired lenght of cuff.

Row 1: K16, turn
Row 2: Sl1, P31, turn
Row 3: Sl1, K31, turn
Row 4: Sl1, p31, turn

Repeat Rows 3 & 4 15 more times (32 rows total, 16 Sl on each side)

Turn Heel:
Row 1: K17, SSK, K1, turn
Row 2: Sl1, P3, P2tog, P1, turn
Row 3: Sl1, K4, SSK, K1, turn
Row 4: Sl1: P5: P2tog, P1, turn
Row 5: Sl1, K6, SSK, K1, turn
Row 6: Sl1, P7, P2tog, P1, turn
Row 7: Sl1, K8, SSK, K1, turn
Row 8: Sl1, P9, P2tog, P1, turn
Row 9: Sl1, K10, SSK, K1, turn
Row 10: Sl1, P11, P2tog. P1, turn
Row 11: Sl1, K12, SSK, K1, turn
Row 12: Sl1, P13, P2tog, P1, turn
Row 13: Sl1, K14, SSK, K1, turn
Row 14: Sl1, P15, P2tog, P1, turn
Row 15: K9

You are now ready for the heel gusset

Set up rnd: With needle 1;K9, Pick up 16 sts along side of heel: Needles 2 & 3; K: Needle 4; Pick up 16sts along side of heel, K 9. (Needles 1 & 4 have 25 sts each, Needles 2 & 3 have 16 each. 82 sts total).

Rnd 1: K9, K13 through the back loop, K2tog, K34, ssk, K13 through the back loop, K 19
Rnd 2: K
Rnd 3: K to last 3 sts on needle 1, K2tog, K, needles 2 & 3, K, Needle 4, K1, SSK, K to end

Repeat Rnds 2 & 3 until 16 sts are left on each needle. 64 sts total

Continue knitting every rnd until foot measures 1.5-2 inches shorter then foot. Continue on to toe shaping.

Toe Shaping
Rnd 1: K to last 3 sts on needle 1, K2tog, K1, needle 2; K1, SSK, K to end of needle, Needle 3, repeat needle 1, Needle 4, repeat needle 2.
Rnd 2: K

Repeat Rnds 1 & 2 until 28sts remain (7 on each needle), K to end of Needle 1 with needle 4, Sl sts from needle 2 to needle 3 purlwise. Graft toe together.

Repeat for second sock.

Proudly wear new socks :)

Tuesday, May 13, 2008

New Pattens coming soon

Ok, people, I know I have really been lacking in the publishing patterns front. (And updating my other blog front too). You know, life happens, other things get ahead of publishing patterns.

So with my days off this week I plan too finally get around to writting the patterns for these two

Scalloped Hat

And the matching scarf

Hopefully I will have both of these up by Saturday morning, and added to my Ravelry designs profile as well.

Monday, May 05, 2008

Ok, So I decided not to kill this page after all

Well thanks to Ravelry, I noticed that this page has been linked because of my one pattern. So I decided that I like being called a designer, so this page is staying.

The two patterns I posted over on my regular blog are going to stay there for now, but as I write up more, I'll post them here instead. Yipeeeeee!!!!!